Electrical Services

Should you need furnace repair, we are available to diagnose and repair your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our professional heating repair technicians are exceptionally trained and certified to work on all heating brands and will make sure your heater is operating safely. Ask about incredible rebates on new HVAC systems.

Residential Electrical

  •   Service Upgrades
  •   Wiring Repair
  •   New Wiring
  •   Underground Services
  •   Backup Generators
  •   Remodeling Projects
  •   Phone Wiring
  •   T.V. Wiring
  •   Computer Wiring
  •   Knob & Tube Replacements
  •   Outlet and Switches
  •   Ceiling Fans
  •   Attic Fans
  •   Whole House Fans
  •   New Lighting
  •   Security Lights
  •   Post Lights
  •   Smoke Detectors
  •   Motion Detectors
  •   Surge Protectors
  •   Pool Wiring

Commercial Electrical

  •   Repairs
  •   Maintenance
  •   Warehouse Lighting
  •   Office Lighting & Projects
  •   Restaurant Projects
  •   Generators
  •   Computer Room Backup Power
  •   Exit & Emergency Light Repair
  • Bathroom Shower Faucet Replacement

    Bathroom Shower Faucet Replacement

    We can upgrade your dated tub/ shower fixtures to new styles, colors and safety features like scald guard and pressure…

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  • Bathroom Shower Faucet

    Bathroom Shower Faucet

      When you are putting in that new walk-in tile shower, let us install diverters with body sprays, handheld wands…

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  • Electrical Outlet Replacement

    Electrical Outlet Replacement

      Give us a call and we will help you upgrade the outlets in your home properly. This would appear…

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  • Kitchen Faucet Replacement

    Kitchen Faucet Replacement

      This is by far the most used faucet in the whole house but it is also typically the last…

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  • Toilet Repair

    Toilet Repair

      Toilets that are re-installed after your new tile floor installation need to be inspected by a licensed plumber. The damage…

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  • Water Heater Replacement

    Water Heater Replacement

      Tankless water heaters are becoming the choice for most homeowners. They supply endless hot water at a consistent temperature,…

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  • Electrical Panel Replacement

    Electrical Panel Replacement

      Let our professional electricians upgrade your electrical panel with new safer breakers. We will make sure things are properly…

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