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Kitchen Faucet Replacement

  This is by far the most used faucet in the whole house but it is also typically the last to be replaced! Let us help you choose a faucet that will make things easier and cleaner in the kitchen, and it will look great too!
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Toilet Repair

  Toilets that are re-installed after your new tile floor installation need to be inspected by a licensed plumber. The damage that can occur by not having your toilet set properly and sealed can be devastating. Typically the problem flange will not show signs for years and by then the resulting damage can far exceed the…
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Water Heater Replacement

  Tankless water heaters are becoming the choice for most homeowners. They supply endless hot water at a consistent temperature, plus it shuts off as soon as you are done using hot water. No more cold showers or wastefully heating a tank full of water 24/7/365. They last 2-3x as long as a tank style,…
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